Scented feet

My sweaty, cheesy feet are legendary!

Do you like the smell of beautiful, well-groomed women's feet that have been in sweaty stockings/pumps for days? Do you want to worship my perfect feet, adore them and pay homage to them? Sniff them and become completely obsessed with my cheesy feet? You can apply for an audience with me - foot goddess Nora Marinelli - in my chat or via my milking line!

In addition, one of my friends or my sister Mistress Yasmina can be called in to our session! All ladies are blessed with extremely sweaty feet!

Videos of our/my beguiling sweaty foot sessions can be found here.

You can buy cheesy pumps, smelly tights and sweaty foot nylons in my shop

I now have an endless waiting list for my worn-out pumps and my sweaty stockings/tights. No wonder, the smell of my sweaty feet is absolutely intoxicating and will burn itself into your addicted brain forever. My goddess feet naturally require appropriate care and attention. I don't see why I should walk through the city on a rainy day without footmen. I need someone who will throw themselves in the dust and in every puddle in front of me so that my beautiful feet and expensive pumps don't get wet. I will walk on you like a carpet. Likewise, you have to kneel under every table - whether in a café, restaurant or office - and stick your nose deep into my wet pumps and between my sweaty toe slits. Of course, I also expect my feet to be properly massaged and sniffed. I don't care in the slightest what other people think! Your place is at my feet - become my very own personal foot slave NOW!

Here is an enthusiastic reaction from a loyal scented shoe buyer from my mind-fucking shop:

“Dear Mistress Nora Marinelli,

your special stink pumps arrived today, thank you very much.

I quickly removed your packaging and took a deep breath; they must have received special treatment from you, as the smell almost knocked me over;

if you ever want to kidnap or drug a victim, use these stink pumps; 3-4 breaths and you lose consciousness - a very strong smell - thank you very much.

Unfortunately I have to go away on business this week, but I would like to fall into your clutches afterwards and inhale the scent of your feet,

humble greetings

Slave Chris”